50 Chilling Tales from the Lone Star State


Come explore the shadow world of supernatural Texas with William Edward Syers, one of the Southwest’s premier storytellers, whose collection of the Lone Star State’s fifty most intriguing tales consumed two full years of on-the-ground research.

Come encounter the “The Headless Horseman,” “The Phantom on the Mountain,” and “The Hounds of Orozimbo.” Explore “Terror’s Lake,” the haunted “McDow Hole,” and “Ghosty Branch.” Venture within “The Gate” or “The Crypts of Old Waverly” or, for that matter, any of the other chilling tales.

Supernatural Texas was the first statewide exploration of dimensions beyond normal comprehension. Its content ranges from centuries-old legends to the here-and-now. You’ll confront such beings as the doppelganger, the non-dead apparition, thought transference, and almost every form and shade of phantom.

You’ll encounter specters whose motivations vary as widely as those of everyday folk—to save or warn, to disclose, to prove or disprove something long past, to do penance. And, of course, to seek vengeance!

These last are the things to avoid . . . except, of course, within the covers of this book.

Perhaps you can shrug them off. Perhaps you can discount all fifty awaiting you here.

Perhaps. But you won’t forget them.

This unique and riveting collection of the Lone Star State’s fifty most intriguing and chilling tales consumed two full years of research by the author, who travelled more than 100,000 miles in his pop-up camper van, covering virtually every road in Texas while exploring the shadow world of supernatural Texas.

To William Edward Syers, the supernatural was an inherent part of Texan heritage. “You cannot separate culture from deep-seated, unspoken beliefs, “ he would declare. “We are many cultures, each with a particular folklore. The supernatural is part of that.”

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